DH's sex drive is way up with shelter in place and honestly it's the thing that's driving me nuts the most right now. #firstworldproblems.

I do not feel like having sex all the time just because we're stuck at home!

Now that I've shouted that, I understand physical touch is his language of love and he needs more of it when he's feeling vulnerable. We're having sex a handful of times a week through this. We're generally in a good place. This isn't a bad situation or anything just frustration with the shelter in place.

But sh*t man back off with the constant come ons. I feel like I'm failing as a mom, a home (whatever you call this teacher), an employee, and intimate partner.

I have been trying to make myself more available and make my rebuffing gentle but I just freaked out on him on something he said wasn't a proposal for sex (there have probably been 6 direct reminders this morning that we have a bedroom or that we could go fool around or similar). Forgive me DH for misinterpreting this last one.

Is anyone else in this boat? Any suggestions for phrasing open and productive communication? Or suggestions for getting in the mood in less than ideal situations?