Okay, so this is a stretch, but my brother's girlfriend is pregnant and expecting a baby in August. He is in Colorado (I am in North Carolina), and our family is scattered all over the country. His gf does not have a lot of family/friend support and doesn't work, and he is a manager at Dominoes, so a traditional baby shower is basically not going to happen. I was thinking of hosting some kind of virtual baby shower where I could have them create an online registry and then I would share it with our family and family friends so that they dont have to ask. Financially it would really help them to get some support.

Is this a weird thing to do? Tacky? I dont want to insult anyone, but I believe every baby should be celebrated and am trying to find a solution. Me going to Colorado twice isn't an option (I am already planning to go after the baby is born) and even if I did, the people who would go are all scattered anyway and would not travel that far.

Anybody have thoughts or other ideas? Is there a platform for this kind of thing already??