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We met our son today!

  1. Crisark

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  2. yerpie110

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    That's amazing!

  3. MrsKMM

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  4. hotchildinthecity

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    @simplyfelicity the next step is we see him again Tuesday and then go to court. Then we're back to the US and waiting for our travel call which should bring us back to Korea for custody by the end of November!

  5. chibee

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    This makes me so happy - yay!

  6. cheesetomywhine

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  7. yoursilverlining

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    yay!!!! I cannot imagine how amazing and overwhelming that is; to meet your child but not be able to just grab him and run and take him with you. I'm so happy that this adoption is going so smoothly; we have relatives who adopted from South Korea and needless to say, your story is completely different from theirs. Good luck with your future journey and getting your babe in your arms for GOOD

  8. kentuckygirl

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    This is wonderful news! Congratulations!!!

  9. Mrs. J

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  10. FliegepilzHut

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    This is shaping up to be a wonderful November!


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