This is probably going to sound rambling since I'm off caffeine, so please bear with me.

My due date has changed twice. First, they dated me off of my LMP (July 20), which gave me a dd of April 26. Ok, fine. I had told the doc that I knew I always ovulated late (usually cd16-17), and actually this particular month, even later than my normal (cd19). They said they would adjust my date at my first ultrasound.

When I had my first ultrasound, baby measured exactly right for my O date (not LMP) - so they moved my date May 1. Ok....still with me?

Then, I had my MFM appt (I'm AMA, yay). Baby was measuring ahead a few days. I ended up having a third u/s, and that confirmed baby was ahead again. They decided to move my date based off of these two new u/s. Which brings the date back to April 26th (same as LMP dating).

I don't actually care/worry about the date or measuring ahead a few days. But here's where my question comes in.... DH and I only BDed 3 times during my fertile period... CD11, CD14, and CD19 (which was my confirmed O date). Based on baby's growth being ahead, does that imply that baby was conceived from CD14 even though O didn't occur until CD19? So, 5 days before O?? Is that even possible? Or is baby just measuring ahead and it doesn't really mean anything?

Sorry for the longest post of all time! I'm just curious, I guess. I didn't have any weird dating issues with DS's.