We were at The Pump And Dump comedy show over the weekend, and the audience were asked to put down "What is the most f***ed up thing your LO did recently?" on a card and put it in a bin to win a prize. Mine won a prize (a book) but some other audience took it as I was trying to pick it up

My "winning" answer was, When DS was 3 years old (about 3 years ago), he hit me from the back with his balance bike as I was jogging in front of him. There was a little downward slope so the impact was pretty big. I fell, landed on my face and my two front teeth were knocked off.

Thinking back, it was like a cartoon seeing my teeth flew off my face on impact. Thank God it was only the front two as at that moment I thought it was more.

Thought this was so fun and thought I'd see what you guys would answer for this question!