I'm expecting my second son in less than 8 weeks and of course getting nervous because we are hitting a really nice, truly enjoyable stage with my son (DS 2 is due on DS1s birthday 😕 3 years apart). Things are so good and I do not handle the newborn period well. It terrifies me.
I had pretty bad PPD/A with DS1 and the long sunless winters here in NY are rough.
Son 1 will be in daycare/preschool 2-3 days a week. I have a lot of family support and my 3 best friends are due within 2 weeks of me 😅. I have a great husband and a great therapist. And time off from work, so I am very lucky! But I'm so nervous. About depression and worrying constantly that something is wrong with the baby (like I did with #1 but this time I worked in a construction zone from weeks 20-26 of my pregnancy) and not bonding hardly at all and feeling so housebound.
I'm venting. But any advice or what your experience was like would be helpful!