I'm due with a next month - we've been doing renovations so I'm a bit behind on her room, but finally getting around to planning it. The plan is to keep her in the room as she grows older.

The biggest thing that I need to figure out now is paint color. I find this the most challenging b/c I only want to paint once, whereas I can always return things like crib sheets if they don't work.... I feel like design websites are nearly useless, as colors render so inaccurately in pictures. And I know...what actually looks good will depend on the direction of light (west), the amount of vegetation outside the windows, the season, etc, etc....But that aside, I'm looking for color palettes that people have used IRL and loved. And particularly interested in paint colors (wall, ceiling, or both) that read as neutral and are easy to redecorate around, without being too clinical or sterile.

Thank you!