My baby is only just going to be 6 months old and i know that we're probably a couple years away for trying for number 2. A lot of my friends are about to join the 2 under 2 club in the next couple months and i'm just wondering how you knew you were ready to add to the family or if you had certain goals you wanted to attain first. Was it more of wanted X number of years between kids?

For me and my family dynamic i dont think i could do a infant and toddler at the same time. I also dont think we could afford 2 in daycare. Ideally, we'd probably need to move to a larger house unless the kids shared a bedroom and I'd need a bigger car. and in a if we won the lottery situation I would love to stay home with the next one. My husband and his brother are only 3 years apart while me and my brother are 9.

What was your thought process?