Lo1 was born early, at 37 weeks, and with that pregnancy I never really got to the so-uncomfortable-I'm -ready-for-her-to-evict-the-premises point.

This time, I'm 35 weeks and this is getting way more uncomfortable than I remember ever getting to last time! There are feet jabbing at the top of my bump in a way that you can see it/feel distinct little feet from the outside. My hip-through-Lower back area is stiff and achy, especially in my pelvis and I feel aches in my pubic bone. I'm starting to waddle instead of walk, lol.

This is partly just a vent, but I'm really curious about when you all started getting really uncomfortable!

I wonder if it's earlier this time because my body has done this before. Also, because my fluid levels were low with lo1(reason I was induced early...) maybe there was more room for her to move around than there is now, since I haven't had that issue this time. Or maybe just w a toddler to chase I'm more active now....