I will try to keep this from turning into a rant, cause I really want to find a solution.

I'm pretty out of shape right now. I don't mind so much about a little extra weight, but I am having back pain from picking up my toddler. I want to be heathy and feel good enough to keep up with him.

I want to work out, but the only exercise I really enjoy is Pilates and yoga. I have asthma, so cardio is no fun. I WAH most days and I only have a PT nanny/sitter for DS. My plan was to have the sitter on Friday so I can take a Pilates class, but I keep blowing it off due to dr appointments, illness, etc.

I would love to do my Pilates class and a yoga class from time to time, but I can't seem to squeeze it in. When I have childcare, I'm trying to get work done. When DS is napping, I am either working or napping too. On the weekends we have run errands and I'm exhausted for the rest of the day. After his bedtime, I'm too exhausted to do anything but wash the dishes and sit on the couch.

I feel great about where we are now as a family and our schedule, but its hectic and draining. I feel like a little physical activity would really help me in so many ways.

As a mom, when do to find time to workout? If you like group classes like me, I'm especially interested to hear your routine. Thanks for listening!