*WARNING* This has sex talk and tmi bits about lady bacon. Be warned!

So I had a vaginal birth, and an episiotomy that turned into a bad third degree tear. Lots of stitches and sitz baths! I'm now at 10 weeks, and sex is still very uncomfortable, even painful at times. I think I may have been a victim of the "daddy stitch", or maybe it's just that the scar tissue doesn't stretch like it used to before the tear. After all that hoopla about "blown out vaginas" that you hear men jabber about, I was shocked to find that things were much tighter after my 6 week healing period. Plus, I'm breastfeeding, so that doesn't help out in the whole lubrication department.

For you vaginal birth mamas, when did sex start to feel somewhat normal again? I hate that I can't really enjoy it unless I have a few drinks first. I just get so tense in anticipation of the pain that I can't relax enough for it *not* to hurt, so I have to liquor up to relax. It's hard enough to try and plan alone time around an infant's non-existant sleep schedule, let alone factor in how much alcohol to drink vs. the next time I can breastfeed afterwards. Geez!