For those of you who dislike body comments (either positive or negative) how did you deal with the unsolicited comments/discussions/questions? I feel like everywhere I go someone HAS to make a comment and honestly I'd rather not discuss my body at all.

Ive tried ignoring it (pretending like I didn't hear) and it usually works with strangers, but coworkers follow me back to my desk and repeat it louder until I respond. I've also tried just a blank stare in response - because what do you say to a "you're so huge!" comment anyway?? And it's like people just have diarrhea of the mouth and keep going on and on. Most of the comments aren't compliments just general observations about my size/shape so saying "thank you" doesn't seem appropriate plus I don't want to discuss my body anyway so I don't want to encourage it.

What are your best responses? Anyone successfully discourage/stop comments??