My parents were somewhat nomadic in my early childhood. My dad found better job opportunities and they took him various locations. I was born in Ontario, and before I was 10 I had lived in New York, Florida, and Minnesota. (Grandparents, meanwhile, lived in New York, Texas, and eventually my parents, my grandparents moved a lot when my dad and his sis were kids.) So I experienced living in a lot of places growing up, and traveling a lot to visit family.

My husband was born and raised in the same town, surrounded by his family. They (the family) will no doubt live in that home their entire lives, as will future generations in many cases.

My parents, meanwhile, have since moved from Minnesota to another state (far away) for a different opportunity; My in-laws live less than an hour from us now.

While hubs and I have no solid future living plans, we do know we won't live in our home forever. We love it, but it has always been a "first home," not a "forever home." We also do not have plans to stay in our current city forever: we don't know where our future careers will take us. (And like my parents' lives, we'll probably move more than's the life of a Ph.D, at least for many.) Ideally, we would be close to at least one of our families when our children are young, but we really don't know that either.

So that's my story. What about you?