So...I'm desperately trying to take my body back. I am one of the fortunate souls who was never able to lose any real amount of weight while while I gained a normal amount during my pregnancies...(35 and 40lbs respectively) I have struggle to shed what I didnt lose in the hospital which has now been compounded by my second pregnancy.

Its time to get serious as we are done having kids. I plan to finish off the diet changes I started last year before getting pregnant (I've gone to a very clean diet) - time to work on the exercise piece.

When the heck do you ladies find time to work out?

My current schedule is:

M-F: out the door at 8, at work at 9, home at 6, girls in bed by 745. I get up at 6am to make this work.
S/S: I need to step it up on the weekends I know...I've started a spin class on Sundays and love it. Need to find a family activity for Saturdays.

So - as I see it, I can workout at 8pm when my girls are asleep...but no outdoor running (I hate treadmill running) because its too dark now. I'm just worried this will get me too amped up to fall asleep by 10/11. Or I could do it first thing in the AM (get up at 5am instead of 6am) but I struggle working out on an empty stomach?

If my daughter (Little one) would sleep through the night already - shes 8 mos - I could handle the 5am wake up...but when I have been up 3 times giving her her binky or taking my oldest to the bathroom, that 5am wake up call SUCKS!