No questions here, just had to get it out. I'm so relieved!

We had two doctor's appointments yesterday: one with her endocrinologist who has been following her growth, and her 15-month visit with our regular pediatrician.

I've been stressing all week about her endo appointment, because she's been sick with one cold after another since starting daycare in January, and hasn't been eating a whole lot the past couple of weeks (combo cold and teething we think). I was sure she wasn't going to have gained a lot.

Well, was I surprised when the doctor measured her height as 76 cm (around 30") and her weight at 8.5kg (almost 19lbs)! And that means she was 15th percentile for both height and weight! She said we don't need to go back to see her unless something else comes up and our pediatrician wants us to be seen.

We went to the pediatrician in the afternoon, and her measurements were a little different (73cm for height - which is just above the 5th percentile, and 8.65 kg for weight (19lbs)). She said as long as we're above the 5th percentile, we don't need to worry too much. She was weighed with her diaper on here, and it was just after lunch, so that might account for some of the difference. I know height is much harder to measure accurately with a squirmy toddler, so I'm guessing she's somewhere in the middle of those numbers.

Both doctors said she's gone up on her curve, which is more important than the actual numbers — she'd been falling off a little bit at previous appointments.

It's such a relief. If she has gained that much height and weight while being sick and not eating well, then I'm happy!