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Working parents - how do your evenings go?

  1. LemonJack

    persimmon / 1119 posts

    My big suggestion is to go easy on yourself as you get into your groove. It’ll get easier over time, or you’ll get used to it at least. How we deal with evenings has adjusted over time as we’ve had more kids and they’ve gotten older. We just had our third, and will need to readjust when I go back to work, and even though I’ve done this before, I’m still nervous about the adjustment!

    One thing that’s helped my kids is to take a few minutes as soon as we get home to sit down with them and cuddle. They are often needy and fussy as babies/toddlers after being away from me all day, and our evenings are so much calmer if we take that time to reconnect before I start dinner. We often either read a book together or turn on a show, and after a few minutes I move into my evening routine.


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