So for those of you who have had multiples, would you let your DH go to a wedding across the country (5-6 hr flight) when you are 30 weeks pregnant with twins? He would probably be gone for 3-4 days.

I know these babies could arrive at anytime and we'll have to be flexible in case anything happens from now until then.

We told the OB about this trip and she said we'll have to be flexible and decide closer to the trip.

We don't have any family nearby but we do have friends that could check on me while he is away.

I kind of want him to go. If something happens, we could pay for a last minute plane ticket for him to come back.

Am I being too laid back about this trip? Haha.

Oh, DH is part of the wedding party.

I'll also add that I'm a bit jealous that I can't go. It's in Boston and it's a greek wedding. We are hearing from the groom how expensive everything is. One of the venues they looked at had a $72K minimum! (Yes, $72K MINIMUM) This would have been the most expensive wedding I've been, too. It would have been nice to be there. It's okay. I'll see pictures.