I have a week-long beach vacation scheduled for July in Galveston - right along the Gulf coast of Texas. As of right now, the CDC is not reporting any instances of zika in the area. However, there have been several articles/reports recently about if/when the virus reaches the US, it will likely be along the coast (Florida, Texas, etc).

I'm wondering if we should cancel our trip. I don't want to be stressed about it the whole time (or, have the CDC announce a zika alert weeks./days before our trip when it's too late to get our money back) -- but at the same time, there are currently no reported cases and I'll take all normal precautions (cover up, bug repellent, etc). And I could really use a getaway!

Just wondering if I'm being overly concerned...or would you cancel if you were in my shoes?


ETA: I'll be 20 weeks pregnant in July when the trip is scheduled.