Due to the dates of my maternity leave and summer break, I will only need childcare for the 7-8 weeks I return to work. I am currently debating between in-home care and a daycare. Do you think I should keep CDing during that time and asking the childcare providers to be on board (using AIOs); or save myself the time and stress by using disposables? I will be pumping 3 times at work and DH & I will both be working full time, so I will admit I'm tempted by the convince of disposables for just that short time (still hoping to CD on weekends and 4pm-6am). After summer break, my MIL will be caring for LO in our home and has volunteers to help with the CD laundry. Basically, what do you think you would do in my shoes? Cut yourself and your childcare provider some slack with sposies, or save the money?