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"You look like you're getting bigger!" - Responses?

  1. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    No one said that to me when I was pregnant with my first, and I'm not very far into my second, but I feel like I'd be a smartass and say something like "I AM!?" while looking incredulous.

  2. Vegmama

    pear / 1799 posts

    I like the idea of acknowledging that the BABY is growing ... I really enjoy it when my friends notice growth between the times we see each other, but I'm not sure I'd like co-workers (though, I work at home).

  3. Modern Daisy

    grapefruit / 4187 posts

    Miss Manners would say to respond "Thank You!" to rude observational comments like that. Regardless of how it was meant, you're telling that rude observer that you're choosing to take it as a compliment.

    I'm personally against all body comments towards pregnant women in general. I get them all the time since I'm mostly belly, so many people actually praising me for only gaining it in my belly and not getting 'fat'. I've been the victim of two drunken episodes where I couldn't get the person to stop talking about how 'amazing' my body is, no matter how hard I tried to thank them and change the subject.

    I know it comes from a good place, so I don't berate them or give a snotty comment back, but I think it's really rude since clearly I have no control over how my body chooses to add the weight I'm supposed to be gaining, so they're suggesting that if I hadn't gained it this way it wouldn't be acceptable. Plus, some women who have high risk pregnancies are actually sensitive about the sizes of their babies, so to hear compliments on how 'small' or 'big' you are could be really upsetting for them.

  4. indi

    clementine / 984 posts

    If you're not bothered by it, I'd go with a smile and a simple "Thanks, things are going well" or "Thanks, the baby is growing right on track." For those that are less of a compliment and more of a rude observation, I give a more confused "Thanks?" response, so they know it was awkward but I'm still technically being polite.

    Sometimes folks just don't know what to say at all, so they blurt out whatever they think of first.


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