For those of you on your second+ pregnancy, do you find yourself different?

Let me explain! With my 1st pregnancy, I worried about everything. I called the Dr probably once a week about the littlest things. If I didn't feel the baby move much one day, I was at the Dr's office getting checked. I was way more cautious about doing things and eating certain things, etc.

I am so much more laid back with my 2nd pregnancy! DD hasn't really moved much since Sunday (she is moving, but just not like normal), but I am not too worried about it. I figure since I can still feel her, there is no cramping, or bleeding, or anything else odd, that every thing is ok. I don't feel as guilty taking a drink of DH's beer, or carrying in the groceries. I am way more laid back this time around.

Have you found that you are different with your second+ pregnancy? Or are you just as cautious/worried as the first time?