I need a gut check... a couple weeks ago, DH announces that his brother and my 4 year nephew want to fly in from out of town and stay with us for a weekend. During the weekend that was selected, I will be 35 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I'm already am pretty uncomfortable working full time, chasing around my 2 kids, and being in the late stages of pregnancy. I asked if BIL could wait until summer when the baby was here and we'd hit our stride as a family of 5. Despite my protests, my husband and BIL still plan for the visit for when I'm 35 weeks. Flash forward two weeks and the weekend of the visit is coming up in a few days. When I asked what they planned to do over the visit, my husband let it slip that it will depend on BIL's two year old daughter's nap schedule (who apparently is now also coming with BIL and the 4 year old!). My husband admitted he was afraid to tell me that the two year old was also coming so he just didn't say anything. I should also note that on the Saturday night of the weekend, my husband and I had committed (before BIL planned to come in town) to play on a trivia team at an event at our son's school. Because I haven't been feeling so hot, I had said that I would just stay home and that BIL could take my place and I'd watch my two kids and nephew and just catch up on some sleep. Now they are springing on me the task of watching 4 kids by myself at 35 weeks pregnant? I'm super irritated. Is it just me or is this a really insensitive to ask a person this far along in pregnancy to play hostess and babysitter (both of DH and BIL)? FWIW, I have a history of my water breaking at 38 weeks and we really need this weekend to get ready for the baby. The baby's nursery is still our home office... Just curious if I'm hormonal and/or overreacting or if others think this is as insensitive as I do.