I had an appointment with the NP at my OBGYN's office today. These are my numbers so far (I had more blood work done today):

Last Monday: hCG = 41 and progesterone = 6.2

Wednesday: hCG = 122 and progesterone = 8.3 (different lab than the other two days so results may be off)

Friday: hCG = 381 and progesterone = 7.1

The NP told me that the doctors in my practice generally do not believe in prescribing progesterone supplements. If a pregnancy doesn't stick it means that there was something wrong.

She said also she's seen pregnancies stick with levels as low as mine and that progesterone levels fluctuate...but she is also adamant that I'm not as far along as I think I am (I think I'm 5 weeks). She said that the progesterone levels correspond with my hCG levels for very early pregnancy...so basically I would've gotten a positive pregnancy test at 6 DPO if I'm going with what they think.

I had more blood work done today and I'll find out the results tomorrow. She did offer to call in a prescription for progesterone supplements tomorrow if I'm not happy with the number.

What would you do? I can see both sides - I want this pregnancy to stick but I don't want to prolong a pregnancy that wouldn't stick naturally if there's something wrong.