Hi friends
I have landed my dream job! I won't bore you with the details but I'm very excited. I start in 3 weeks..i will be 20 weeks. I was 16 weeks when I interviewed and looked very pregnant. But interviewed with all men.. So they probably didn't notice. I'm leaving a great job to take this job. I'm concerned with maternity leave. they do 6 weeks under basic std and the rest is supplemental which I won't qualify for. My ask to them is that I can take the additional 6 weeks unpaid. So, should I tell them ASAP I'm expecting? Should I wait until I'm officially hired - i have just accepted at this point. Tell my manager now? Tell my hr contact now? I'm dying to know the details and if they will allow the extra unpaid leave?! But what's the best way to go about it? Also, I'm not protected under FMLA.., so I could possibly be taking a huge risk here. FYI..i live in Illinois, US and work in not for profit healthcare. M not sure if hr or my manager makes this decision??