I'd much rather get this information from my doctor, but I'm getting the run-around.

I had a blood test done by one of my doctors for something unrelated to my pregnancy. They called to say everything was good, except that my white blood cell count was elevated - 13.3 was the number they gave me.

I'm concerned about this because with my first pregnancy my water broke at 28 weeks - nobody knows why it happened, but the most likely reason is some undiagnosed infection.

So, here I am with elevated white blood cell counts at 24 weeks pregnant, trying to get my OB to call me back and talk to me about it. Her office says she won't talk to me about it until she gets a copy of the lab results and the other doctor's office promised they would fax them over 4 hours ago - however, my OBs office has yet to receive them.

Does anyone know what a WBC of 13.3 even MEANS? How elevated is it? Could it be a natural 2nd trimester elevation? Or is it likely indicative of an infection?

I know that none of you can give me actual doctorly advice - this is just a message board after all - but I figured it can't hurt to ask while I wait. Thanks all.