This morning has just been...not very good. This morning LO woke up at 530 and DH and I started snapping at each other for no reason, which led to a sleep deprived fight. We sorta made up and he went to work, but when LO woke back up at 9, she ate and then refused to go back down for a nap for nearly 3hrs, despite being fussy and yawning.

She started screaming when I tried to put her in her crib or the rock n she ended up sleeping on me. Fine, I had planned on cleaning the house as a treat/apology to DH, but whatever. DH comes home for lunch, hes stressed out from work so not in a great mood...and I runnn to pee because I've been stuck on the couch.

Then, icing on the cake, I spend 8 freaking mins microwaving my darn lunch, only to trip and spill the damn thing all over the floor. Cue crying. I don't think I've ever seen DH so relieved to get back to work.

Sigh. I'm texting my friend to see if she'll go get a drink with me tomorrow evening. Momma needs a break.