I need to rant.
Everyone warned me this would happen... you get pregnant and all of a sudden you can't hide from everyone's expert opinions and judgements. I am seriously soooo annoyed today... I'm sure everyone can relate!!!

The other day I was slouching at work... a lady come up to me and said "you better stop slouching, you're teaching your baby bad habits". um WHAT? she's a fetus. she can't see me. she can't slouch... leave me alone.
Same woman just came up to me and OUT OF NOWHERE goes "you know you can't dye your hair anymore, right?" i was like yes i can. she insisted i can't. and i said well i haven't dyed my hair since july but i will be in the next couple of months soooo...
yesterday i ran into a coworker when i was going to get breakfast and a different lady says "you better stay away from caffeine". i was like i will do no such thing.
yet another coworker says "you're really growing" and i said oh ya i'm getting a baby belly. so goes, no your chest and POINTS AT MY CHEST. then proceeds to go on and on about how she's never noticed them before. i was a D pre pregnancy and i'm SO SELF CONSCIOUS about them. i do not need you pointing them out and getting other people to join in on the convo. it made me want to cry.

i'm just really sick of it. the fact that i'm growing a human doesn't give you a right to comment on every choice i make and how my body is changing. ugh. /end rant.

any really obnoxious comments you've received??? commiserate with me!