Alrighty, I'm a little peeved this morning and I just need to vent. Twice now one of my co-workers has mentioned that I'm "carrying the baby in my hips," and this morning my other co-worker chimed in with "oh yeah, in her breasts too!"

WHY do women think that another woman's body is all of a sudden up for discussion when it's a pregnant body? Do they not have self-esteem issues with their body parts or remember what it's like to feel bloated and awful? I'm so freaking annoyed, and I expressed my exasperation, but I don't think they even thought it was rude. I'm just feeling fat, and gross, and unsexy, and yes, I can tell my boobs have gotten bigger and my hips are huge. But WHY do you have to mention it?! I've gained 20 pounds at 22 weeks and I am SO conscious of it, and I hate it, and I hate that people are noticing.

Anyways. Rant over. Just needed to vent to you lovely ladies, because I know many of you have had the same sorts of experiences. Feel free to rant back!