I don't really know where else to turn for advice/support on this, so here goes.

I am 19 weeks today. I got pregnant on my honeymoon, and I had been following a pretty rigid diet up until the wedding to lose about 15 pounds (it's called Ideal Protein, basically no carbs, no sugar... lots of veggies and protein). I weighed approximately 138 at the wedding and had gained back 7-8 when I got home, just from eating normal food and drinking. Shortly thereafter, got BFP.

It's like my weight gain has skyrocketed through this whole pregnancy. I stepped on my scale this morning to see 167.5 pounds and I just about died. I can't believe I have managed to put on 30 pounds in 19 weeks.

I know it will come across like I am not keeping my diet under control. My husband backed me up today when I asked... my eating is NOT out of control. I manage my portions, log my food to ensure I am hitting the proper nutritional targets, and drinking lots of water. Yes, I do have an occasional soda or piece of chocolate, but no more than the average bear. I'm not sitting at home eating oreos by the bag.

My first trimester was rough, I have struggled with migraines and nausea, and the only thing that kept me from being ill was constant nibbling on carb-centric things, but even still, I was monitoring how much I consumed. I am wondering if I completely destroyed my body's metabolism with the diet before the wedding, or what could possibly be wrong. I exercise maybe twice a week, and I am registered to begin a prenatal exercise class for twice a week in January, which will be good.

Sorry for the novel-length post; I just feel extremely bad about about myself right now. Have never felt so unattractive and am afraid I will be the size of a manatee when I have this baby in May. Does anyone have any advice??