We just found out our second baby is going to be a boy, due in July. I currently have an almost 3 year old daughter and I find myself struggling to process the news.

Originally I wanted one of each sex, so I'm not really disappointed, but I'm also not excited about it. I guess I had started to picture another little girl, just like my first. I find myself sad that my daughter won't have a sister, like I do. I know that being the same gender doesn't guarantee a great relationship, but my sister is my best friend, so I'm sad that my daughter for sure won't have that relationship. Also, the practical side of me is really disappointed that we won't be able to reuse all my daughter's clothing and I'll have to buy more. Sounds silly, but looking at all the adorable little dresses and outfits and knowing I'll never use them again is sad.

Honestly, I think that I'm struggling with the reality that I'm not going to just be my daughter's mom anymore, but also the mom to someone else and that seems scary. Another baby girl would have been much more familiar. Perhaps I'm just processing that our family is changing.

Anyone else struggle with the reality of adding a new baby to the family? Any positive stories about mixed gender siblings to share?