Yesterday I noticed LO's left eye was a bit runny, like she was leaking tears. When she woke up for a feeding around 1am, her poor eye was sealed shut with goop

Her eye isn't red, so I think it's an infected/blocked tear duct rather than pink eye, but we're going to take her to the walk in clinic as soon as it opens. For now I'm cuddling the poor thing as much as she wants, and feeling so helpless! I can tell her eye is bothering her, and I can't fix it On a selfish note, DH and I were supposed to have our first post baby date today, and it looks like that will have to be postponed. Bummer

She had jaundice in the hospital, but this is her first illness after coming home (she's 3.5 weeks).

How did you handle your LO getting sick for the first time?