This is mostly my personal rant, but perhaps some of you are in a similar boat. I am pregnant with my third and I am amazed by how little other people care and care to help this time around. (Note, I know this may sound entitled, and maybe I am, but honestly this is how I am feeling recently).

When I was pregnant with my first everyone wanted to see how I was doing and how they could help. With my second I feel like the help and concern and was slightly less but similar to the first time. Now here I am 35 weeks with #3 and I feel like I am begging people for help and all I get is crickets. Maybe I am supposed to have it all together at this point and not need help? Well I don't. I am tired, really tired. My husband works absurd hours. I have a 2.5 yr old and almost-5 year old and at least one has been sick for weeks. Is it too much to ask for either set of our parents to come help out? Neither lives close (2 hours and 3.5 hrs away), but it isn't super far either. Our siblings also aren't close by, but also aren't that far. I have friends, but many only have 1 child and don't seem to understand my challenges.

Or really, maybe my rant is towards society as a whole - just maybe a little more care and concern for those of us who are caring for more then themselves at this point.

But really I think its towards my parents and in-laws. I know they have done a lot for me over the years, but I would really, really like just a little help one of these days. I'm not asking for a lot. But don't offer to come visit for 1 weekend once the baby is born. That's not what I need. I need you now. I need you to help fold the 5th load of laundry this weekend and to play with my girls and let me take a nap. That's what I need.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like you are treated differently with subsequent pregnancies?