Can someone take a look at my chart and see if I did this right?

I have irregular periods, but my luteal phase is usually 12 or 13 days. This last cycle, I was waking up late, but I always temped before getting out of bed. I was on vacation and I missed a day.

CD1 was Boxing Day (Dec. 26), but looking at my chart, I may have ovulated Jan 16th.

Does that mean conception date is Jan 17th?

January 29th, got bright pink spotting after dtd (implantation?). Strong BFP Feb 1.

If so, does that mean my due day is October 9th?

I don't think I should plug Dec 26 as my LKMP into a due date calculator since I don't think I ovulate 10 - 14 days after cycle starts.

I just want to make sure I have the due date as accurate as I can. I JUST had my blood taken to confirm the pregnancy (although my HCGs at home were quite strong). Results won't be ready until Monday, and until then, I won't be able to book my first pre-natal appointment or ultrasound dating.