You guys, I'm going crazy over here. 8 weeks now and I could not feel less pregnant. No throwing up, very minimal nausea if at all, no sore boobs, no fatigue. I question if there's actually a bean in there like basically every minute of the day. I can't let any positive baby comment from DH go by withought dragging him down with my "I hope I'm still pregnant" comments. He is getting impatient with me and probably rightly so because nothing bad has actually happened. No spotting or anything, I just feel like I have zero reassurance!

Only symptoms I have had were light cramping from 4-7 weeks, last week I was peeing at night every day but that's stopped now, and I wake up with terrible dry mouth every night.

First prenatal appt is next Tues but we may have to wait until 1/15 to hear the heartbeat. HOW did you guys manage to get through this torture!? I had a full blown ugly crying fit before work this morning which of course DH attributes to pregnancy hormones but I think it's just regular ol' me. I feel like I could FOR SURE be on that TLC show "I didn't know I was pregnant."

Any of you have a similar experience and can you please talk me off the ledge!?