I finally get to post here and its not how i imagined it would be. After 1.5 years of infertility, DH and I found out that i was finally pregnant, and we did it all on our own. (we were told we had a 3% chance of conceving naturally. I went for my first HCG at 3w6d and it was a 55, then my second at 4w1day was only 84 and my progesterone at 21. So a nurse called me this morning and said i needed to go for a 3rd HSG to see what the pattern is. She asked if i was spotting at all which set off alarms in my head that something is not right. Of course i was sitting at work with a coworker sitting across from me. On lunch I called back and talked with the same nurse. I let her know that based on our early conversation, i was not feeling great about the results and needed more clarification. I know that they are supposed to double, but couldn't believe that she didn't just flat out say that was their concern. Now of course its Friday, i have to go tomorrow for bloodwork and won't have any info until Monday. I spent the rest of my lunch googling "successful pregnancy with low HCG levels".

Is it possible that this may still be a healthy pregnancy, and we will finally have a baby, or do i need to start preparing my heart for an unavoidable miscarriage?

Any ladies have similar stories that had a happy ending?