I’m visiting my parents this week who are generally pretty great but they do question and undermine me. Example 1: I still have DS rearfacing at just over 3 yo. He weighs 35 lbs so he is well within the limits. My dad says stuff all the time about how uncomfortable he must be or how we are preventing him from seeing while we are driving (like what?! That one doesn’t even make sense but whatever). Well this trip, I didn’t bring my car seat bc I am traveling solo with my son as DH had a work thing and had to stay behind last minute. So my parents graciously bought a car seat but when they installed it, it literally moved at least 7 inches side to side. I refused to let my son ride in it like that and spent an hour (with my engineer brother in law) trying to fix it with no luck. Meanwhile my mother is saying “it’s fine, I’ll just lean into it and hold it steady. “ ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Like WTF?! So I went and bought a new one and now they are all huffy that I’m being dramatic and an overbearing mother. Example 2: DS asked for a cookie and I told him no and my dad told me shut up (in a “joking” tone, but still) and gave it to him anyway. I was so dumbfounded I didn’t even know what to say. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. We haven’t even been here 24 HOURS 😫😫😫

I’m sure you all have stories like this too so join me in venting!!!