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Did anyone fail the 1-hour but pass the 3-hour GD test?

  1. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    I failed the 1 and passed the 3. To be completely
    honest I screwed the pooch because I ate ramen too close to my 1 hour. I was dumb.

    But in the weeks between my 1 and 3 hour (other than obsessively googling) I dipped my toe into a GD diet. I started looking at labels more with regards to carbs and sugars. I already was a pretty healthy eater but I’m a big fan of snacky foods. I wasn’t doing it to try to trick the test (I don’t even think that is possible) but more to practice what it might be like in the event I failed the 3. So event though I ultimately passed it was a good experience because I think I ended up eating better the rest of my pregnancy.


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