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Did you eat lunchmeat while pregnant?

  • poll: Did you / would you eat lunchmeat while pregnant?
    Yes : (68 votes)
    69 %
    No : (18 votes)
    18 %
    Some lunchmeats... (explained) : (12 votes)
    12 %
  1. buttermilk

    nectarine / 2086 posts

    Omg yes, I’m pregnant with #2 and I I literally eat a turkey sandwich for lunch every single day. I also eat sushi once a week and have 2 cups of coffee per day and a drink once every couple weeks.

    My first baby was a completely healthy one.

  2. Mama Bird

    pomegranate / 3127 posts

    Yes. The only time I think I had food poisoning, it was not lunchmeat or even anything on the eat-with-caution list. It was an incredibly nasty vegetable scone thing that my mom bought at a street fair.

  3. autumnleaves

    pear / 1621 posts

    I only ate deli meat heated up. I was so ready for a cold turkey sandwich when I got home from the hospital - I think I ate them daily for at least a week.

  4. Bluemasonjar

    clementine / 905 posts

    I eat deli meat pretty regularly from reputable places. Sometimes heated (like a panini) but not always. Did the same while pregnant with LO #1.

  5. crazydoglady

    nectarine / 2431 posts

    I pretty much only have it heated up, but I really don't think it makes a difference. I want a cold salami sandwich.

  6. autumnlove

    hostess / wonderful watermelon / 39513 posts

    I did! Congrats!

  7. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3768 posts

    With my first I didn't but with my second and third, yes!

  8. littleblessings

    pear / 1739 posts

    I put some. I only eat them if they are hot while pregnant.

  9. ElbieKay

    pomegranate / 3221 posts

    No because I don't really miss it.

  10. ALV91711

    pomelo / 5619 posts

    I eat it multiple times a week. i didn't really eat any with my first though.


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