My doctor's office encouraged me to continue to exercise like I did before as long as I take it slow and see how my body reacts.

I love, love, love practicing hot yoga but was told to stay away from the super-hot classes. That I can try a lower-temp (80 - 90 degrees) class if I am hydrated, take it slow, and leave the room if I get dizzy/nauseous.

I've never taken barre but she mentioned that some other patients take it. I got cleared for spinning as long as I don't get too out of breath, so I'll have to modify what the instructor is doing. I haven't done pilates but have seen some posts on prenatal pilates and thought that might be good.

I am so not good about doing cardio/exercise on my own and I love classes. Yoga also helps me with stress/anxiety, and I know I can look up specific prenatal-only classes but am interested in others' experiences with classes they took pre-pregnancy and continued through pregnancy.

Of course if I do any of these things, I'll check with the instructor first and see if they prefer I do any modifications (and make sure they're comfortable with me being in the class in the first place.) Any other thoughts?