We got mainly pink clothes for my LO at her baby shower, so she's usually wearing pink. The few outfits we did buy are gender neutral, because while pink is my favorite color, I want my LO to know that other colors exist.

My hubby bought her a very cute shirt with a pig on it because I love pigs, and navy blue. I love dressing her in it because it brings out her beautiful blue eyes. I also bought some cute yellow onesies that a local artist made with puppy dogs on them because we're dog lovers.

But whenever she wears these she's always called a boy, him, etc. I try not to get upset about it because people really can't know that she's a girl, she has a tiny mohawk and she's dressed in yellow or blue. But it still irks me. Why is she automatically a boy just because she's in yellow? I wear yellow, I'm a girl.

Do you dress your LO in gender neutral clothes, or do you stick with the pinks and blues so people will know the gender and not annoy you?

Altough, even when she's in pink from head to toe people call her a boy. Oy.