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Do you drink diet beverages?

  1. mrstilly

    clementine / 889 posts

    I'm a diet coke addict. I don't really like regular sodas. I cut back to 1 can a day when I was pregnant and nursing, but now that DS isn't breastfeeding any more, I probably drink 2-3 a day. I don't really discriminate between diet coke and diet pepsi, and love diet cherry pepsi, but there is nothing better than an ice cold can of diet coke.

    I hate the taste of water most of the time. I try to still drink a lot during the day, but now that I'm not breastfeeding, my water intake as gone down quite a bit.

  2. MrsH

    honeydew / 7667 posts

    I coke zero. A lot.

  3. LazyLightning

    pear / 1664 posts

    On the flip side, I grew up with a diabetic parent. I am used to diet beverages, and I think regular sodas taste WAY too sweet and have a strange aftertaste. (Even my KoolAid was sweetened with aspartame..)

  4. cyneswith

    persimmon / 1202 posts

    I love diet coke. I am really sensitive to chemicals, though, so I have to limit my intake. I have about two bottles a month, and I sometimes get one when we go out (almost exclusively with fast food, which happens about once every three months - otherwise I get water). I don't like full sugar sodas, because they make my teeth all fuzzy (I don't like full fat milk either because it feels funny.)

  5. katdevargas

    kiwi / 718 posts

    I don't drink coke at all. I do like to sweeten my tea with sweet-n-low, though {if it's not already sweetened with simple syrup}. I know that's horrible, but that's what I grew up on & it just tastes right to me. Luckily I only drink sweet tea once every week or two.


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