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Do you have a mom car?

  1. Rescuemom10

    pear / 1965 posts

    DH has a Jeep Compass so its bigger than mine. I have a Honda Insight which is actually pretty small even though its 4 doors. I dont want to get rid of my car though. I need a Hybrid for as much as we drive.

  2. LuLu Mom

    GOLD / wonderful olive / 19030 posts

    I just got my mom car, it's a GMC Acadia (SUV) however I think it's a "cool" mom car so I'm okay with it and DH loves driving it...he has a truck.

  3. kml636

    pomegranate / 3225 posts

    I'll be trading in my Lexus sports car on a mid size SUV! Ah!

  4. aprk

    pomegranate / 3452 posts

    @Chillybear: I have a Kia Soul too. Despite it being the hamster car, I really like it!

  5. Chillybear

    pomegranate / 3032 posts

    lol omg i love my soul! it handles great its fun and has great gas milage. I just find it funny when i walk in the parking lot and there are like three 16 yr old checking out my car


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