A few months ago I posted about being on the fence about having a second baby and now I am actually getting excited about it. So I think it will be time to start trying soon! Depending on when I actually get pregnant, my son will be around 2 1/2.

The crazy type A person I am is already thinking about the things I will need for a second baby and if I will need a double stroller? Honestly, we don't use our current stroller all that much. Only at places like the Zoo, mall, etc... Maybe a handful of times a month at best. I have the city mini GT and I do really love it. Only thing I hate is the storage.

If you were me, would you get a double stroller. And which one would you get? Would you sell the city mini GT and get one of the expensive ones that can change to all different options. Would you keep the city mini and get a cheaper double to use occasionally?

Help me sort this out...