Charlie threw a whole bunch of tantrums today... this morning at the drug store, then again just before his first nap, then again on the walk to dinner, then again later in the evening.

But the kicker was that he refused to get into the tub at bath time. The entire time, he sobbed hysterically while standing next to the tub and trying to put his onesie back on. I tried every trick in the book to try to lure him into the tub, but nothing worked, and his tantrum lasted for 20 minutes or so. After I gave up on the bath, I just dressed him for bed, did his bedtime ritual, and miraculously he fell asleep.

I can't think of a reason he'd be so upset today. He's not constipated, he got a lot of sleep, and he doesn't seem to be sick in any way. I can't tell if it's behavioral or something else entirely. In any case, it wasn't a lot of fun for me or Mrs. Bee.

Ever have a day where your LO throws tantrum after tantrum? What's your secret to inner peace?