I had my 1 hr glucose screen on Friday at 4:15pm, and I found out I failed it by 1 measly point (140/139). One of the nurses called today and told me I need to take the 3 hour test (of course it was not my favorite nurse. Her attitude rubs me the wrong way and makes me feel crappy about myself, so that didn't help the situation), and I pushed back because I was pretty upset. I understand that it's very important to diagnose GD. I also think that 1 point is a little ridiculous, and that doing the test so late in the day helped set me up to fail. I don't have a babysitter for my toddler (family is all 2 hours away) and my husband can't take time off of work, so I asked if there are any other options (I offered to just test my levels and adjust my diet), and I haven't heard back. I have a feeling they're going to say "nope, too bad for you."

Anyone have a similar experience and advice or suggestions?