So later today (as it is nearly 2 am and I can't sleep). I am packing up my two kids and headed to a family reunion with my mum.
My family is generally pretty mellow but they make remarks that just make my skin crawl sometimes. For example: my grandmother just can't believe that E only gets breast milk (he is 6 months old, 5 months adjusted). She had all her kids sleeping through the night at 3 months putting cereal in their bottles.
What is worse for me is how dismissive my extended family is about E being a preemie. I realize that he was not in the hospital very long and on the large side for a preemie but regardless he still arrived early, and still required high level care that without he wouldn't be here today. In my extended family we have a another preemie but she was closer two months early. So clearly I have no idea what a "real" preemie is.
Plus I am a worried that people will just give N anything he reachs for if I am not paying extreme attention to him at all times because he can't be allergic to all of things I say. I am just clearly looking for something new for him to get attention. Lucky for me my mum understands the importance of watching what N eats.

I guess I am just a little nervous/ anxious about this reunion later today and I could use advice on how to handle the comments. I am hoping to avoid getting emotional and rude, so any help would be great!

Ps : if you got to the end of my rambling you deserve a cookie or glass of wine or both.