Since we moved I have been feeling very overwhelmed with everything regarding N and E's health.

N is 33 months old. He has speech delay issues. They diagnosed him with: severe expressive delay, sever articulation delay, and mild receptive delay. We recently changed doctors because we moved. The new doctor has been extremely helpful in getting all the specialist appointments. N is scheduled to see the developmental ped, audiology, speech, nutrition, and (once blood work comes back) GI. We recently did the Mchat testing for Autism. He does flag for autism but only in respect to his speech.
Fast forward to this weekend, N got glutened on Friday which meant for us that he has been miserable all weekend. We saw the doctor today and they sent a prescription for a new cream to see if it helps. They also ordered a lot of blood work to see if we could rule out some issues for N. Getting his blood draw to day was terrible! The lady was great and gentle, but listening to him beg and scream for it all to stop was heart breaking. I just hope that all of this was not for nothing. I know some of the testing was for Celiac reaction, markers for crohns. Depending on how the blood work comes back they will be referring us to genetics. This just has been so much in the last two weeks. We also start speech therapy this week and see the new EI folks on Friday.

E (16.5months) has had chronically low iron since birth. They had orders waiting for him to get his hemoglobin checked. This meant that he also got blood draw done today. There was so much screaming. He is also seeing feeding therapy, because he struggles with thin liquids. He also has a bit of oral aversion. He is slated to see Developmental peds, audiology, speech, and nutrition. Plus EI on Friday!

It has been so much. I feel a little like I am under water with all this medical stuff going on. I have very little support here in our new town. DH is very supportive but he is gone SO much for school and work, it leaves me to solo parent a lot of the time.

I am not sure what I am want here just support I guess....