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Have you ever scored in a Tula stocking?

  1. anbanan15

    grapefruit / 4681 posts

    @QBbride: I posted it above. I think all the voyage prints have an ombré effect

  2. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @anbanan15: oops! I missed it. Yeah I like the Voyage ones.

  3. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    I finally scored! Too bad our dollar is so crappy and it's costing me a small fortune haha

  4. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @MrsB2012: Yay! What did you get? I liked quite a few in the preview!

  5. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    Full standard angelique purpura romana 2. It must be the first release cuz I can't find any pics of it anywhere. I wanted to see what it's like compared to the other Angelique's

  6. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @MrsB2012: Oh wow! I love that!

  7. QBbride

    pomegranate / 3192 posts

    @MrsB2012: congrats! It's gorgeous!!

  8. oliviaoblivia

    pineapple / 12793 posts

    @MrsB2012: omg! I had carted that one, got to the last step and freaked out about the exchange rate and got cold feet! So glad it's going to an HB mama!

  9. MamaBehr

    pomegranate / 3275 posts

    @MrsB2012: soooo beautiful!! I tried scoring and almost got something but it was taken out of my cart last minute

  10. MamaBehr

    pomegranate / 3275 posts

    @oliviaoblivia: wish I had your luck! I have never gotten that close!

  11. oliviaoblivia

    pineapple / 12793 posts

    @MamaBehr: I was cursing myself all night. I've never gotten that close either. 😢

  12. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    @twodoghouse: @QBbride: thanks, can't wait to see it in person!

    @oliviaoblivia: it was like $140 more with the exchange and shipping 🙀 I have no idea what I was thinking. Well I was thinking there was no way I'd actually get one haha. I'll probably get hit with customs too. Yikes!

    @MamaBehr: I've had things and gotten to the payment screen a few times, then lost them there, it's so annoying. I noticed the last few stockings that the pages have loaded slowly. So I freshed the page a few times over like 10 seconds once the first ones popped up. Then I went to the last page and they had this one and I think a mr wunderland there. I went for this one and I got it right away, no refreshing on an inventory page.

  13. oliviaoblivia

    pineapple / 12793 posts

    @MrsB2012: I know! The exchange is so crazy now. I regret not pulling the trigger right now though.

  14. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    Anyone trying in today's stocking? What have you got your eye on?

    I think we're going to get DH a canvas Tula (thinking Navigator? Although I want Bandit for myself!), but I just mentioned that today's a stocking so.... DH is like "this is escalating quickly!" So I was tempted to see if I can get one, but a WC is probably overkill for him to wear sporadically. We're heading to a friend's house for dinner right when the stocking would be, but they have pretty quick internet, haha. What about the other Tula lovers? Anyone else trying today?

  15. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    I can't buy right now, but I happened to check the site right at 6pm, and almost caved and carted either the full toddler whales or the toddler Aurora Galileo. So beautiful...but so out of budget right now!

  16. Mrs. Oatmeal

    blogger / honeydew / 7081 posts

    @twodoghouse: navigator is SO nice in person- my best friend just bought one and I love it! bandit is also amazing. I saw a mom at the farmers market Saturday wearing Sly, and I almost ran to buy that one!

  17. twodoghouse

    honeydew / 7230 posts

    @Mrs. Oatmeal: I love Aurora Galileo! Soooo pretty. I logged onto the site from the car but didn't cart anything. I ended up buying Bandit last night, though. It's technically for DH, but I'm so excited I'll probably wear it as much as he will. Maybe people will stop calling DS a pretty girl if i wear him in bandit instead of my super pink WC!

  18. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    @Mrs. Oatmeal: I love both those, the whales and aurora galileo. The dollar is so bad right now and with customs, they're so expensive

  19. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    Question ladies....are the blanket stockings just as crazy as the carrier stockings? Or is a crazy tula stocking a crazy tula stocking no matter what?

  20. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @Ginabean3: Yup, just as crazy. Have you seen the BST boards for one blanket? They have been marked up to $50 each blanket.

  21. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    @bluestriped bee: OMG. What the heck! That's crazy!!!

  22. BSB

    hostess / wonderful apple seed / 16729 posts

    @Ginabean3: Uhh, just looked. A blanket with prints is on sale for $70!

  23. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    @bluestriped bee: Okay that's ridiculous! But geez some of those prints are so cute.

  24. MrsB2012

    nectarine / 2466 posts

    @Ginabean3: I was playing around at a blanket stocking and got a 3 pack. They were really nice. I ended up selling them ( for retail haha.) If we have another baby, I'll try and get another set. ( though the conversion to Canadian plus shipping was insane!)

  25. Ginabean3

    pomegranate / 3401 posts

    Wow, so I used all the tips above and scored a restock of the Clever print blanket! I really wanted the 3-pack but when I saw the single pop up I just bought it ASAP. When I went back for the 3-pack it was sold out. Exhilarating!

  26. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    @Ginabean3: Nice!

  27. tulame

    apple seed / 1 posts

    There are a few really important tips that I found that helped to score my first WC. First, you need to practice running through the checkout so you know where all the buttons are, second, you already need a good idea of which carrier you want to purchase.


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