They ran a baby pool at work and as a result we have $60 to spend on our little guy. We currently have a convertible woombie sleep sack, we have never used the swaddle part - he likes to have his arms free. It's newborn size, and according to the size description is good until 13 lb and our little guy is almost 9 pounds now. I'd like to have some in larger sizes ready for when he outgrows this one.

I live in Canada, in the summer it can get as high as 30 degrees Celsius. Our room faces the Sun, so it can get warm in there. I am going to try hard to keep it around the 22/23 range.

However, being in Canada the winters are quite cold. It can get up to -40 degrees Celsius outside. And our room can get on the colder side since it's upstairs. Again though, I will do my best to keep it around the 22/23 range.

I'm thinking cotton for the summer for sure. These were two I were looking at. One has something for venting, not sure if that's handy to have? It's cheaper so I'm not sure if that means it's not as good?

I'm not sure if I should also buy one in fleece? For the winter?

Or maybe there is something better out there that I don't know about. I figured you guys would be the experts!