Has anyone got any success stories with short cervix, bed rest or early bubs?

Here's how today went down...

Had my usual OB appt today (29+3) and unfortunately things have gone haywire. Scan showed healthy baby but a short cervix. It's gone from 3mm, long & closed ... To 0.7cm and completely open and funnelled.

OB immediately shipped me off to have a formal scan which showed the same - nice average baby with good size and blood flow, but full fluid/membrane funneling and short cervix.

I'm in hospital now and having CTG monitoring, steroids, antibiotics & contraction stopping drugs - and it's just a matter of waiting and resting and seeing what happens. Any signs of labour or waters going/full contractions, I have to be transferred to the big public hospital which has a big NICU unit.

OB wants me here for 18 days until we hit 32 weeks & if holding, I'll go to home bed rest. Looks like getting to 36 weeks (which is when Georgia arrived spontaneously) will be the dream.

Lucky she's cute, huh?